XOXO Women’s XO5638 Rose Gold-Tone Leopard Dial Dress Watch

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WOW Factor Leopard Watch!

Could easily be the “must have” watch for ladies who love a  watch that not only keeps good time but is an awesome fashion statement, that gets loads of compliment whenever it is worn.

Features of the watch are dazzling rhinestones on the bezel surround, a quartz movement with an analog display and and a gold toned look with a stunning leopard dial design..

Case diameter is 41mm (approx 1.61″)

Leopard band width is 18mm (approx. 0.70″) length is women standard.(approx 6-3/3 to 8″)

Snazzy leopard watch at a super generous price!!

Average review rating is 3.9 out of 5

6 Months old & still brand new…”Bought this watch back in July, almost 6 months ago, and it STILL looks BRAND NEW. I seriously don’t understand why some buyers are saying their watch turned colors or broke down within a few days/wks. They are either wearing it every single day or not taking care of it properly. I wear mines 6-8x a month whenever I wear my rose gold jewelry and it is STILL the same exact rose gold color. I also store it right back in its case after wearing it…if u store it with other jewelry or just leave it on your dresser IT WILL TURN COLORS!!! What u expect for $20 bucks? Come on!!! I love my watch and get compliments on it every time I wear it. Take proper care of it and it won’t turn colors on you, point blank! ! ! P.S. Mines fit big also, but I Went on “Utube” and with a nail and hammer i learned how to pop off a link, & in less that 2min I had a perfectly fitted watch on my wrists ;)” by YC

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