A Purrfect Leopard Print Christmas

Leopard print is a snazzy look in any home and it also seems to provide a warm, natural atmosphere amidst its uniqueness. This pattern is a fun one to incorporate into your holiday season, so let’s look at some creative ways to put on a purrfect leopard print Christmas theme this year.

What’s really great about leopard print is how extremely versatile it is. No matter if you are opting for a green, white, pink, or even red Christmas tree this year, leopard print will mesh splendidly with anything. Start with leopard print ribbon to twine around your tree and then add ornament balls in glittery leopard print design. Leopard print bows and other fun ornaments will tie the look together. But don’t forget the bottom and the top of the tree! You could still opt for a traditional silver star that would look fabulous, but other toppers that are equally amazing include leopard print bows and even long, thick crafting feathers with a luxurious feel to their leopard print pattern. Use a bold tree skirt that mixes leopard print with rich colors of browns and sexy textures of velour.

Remember that with a leopard print Christmas theme, you’re not confined to a color scheme of just browns, blacks, and golds. With this pattern, you can use it with any color or fabric and really make your leopard print Christmas pop. How about pink and purple leopard print stockings for your mantle or a white wreath and garland with vibrant red leopard print accents? Bringing color into your leopard print Christmas will add an extra flair of fun and personality to this one of a kind motif.

Of course, this leopard print, Christmas theme would not be complete without a few extra accents to really tie it together. Figurines of leopards, a small statue by the fireplace, throw pillows for relaxing, and even a tablecloth with the prominent face of a leopard truly will make this Christmas special and alluring.


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