Love To Wear Hot Fashion Colors with Leopard Print Accessories?

Whats all the fuss about a stunning nature’s pattern, derived from a beautiful wild cat being termed as cheap or trashy??

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and for me the sight of a classy set of leopard print pumps or a car whizzing by that clearly has gorgeous leopard print car seat covers striking a pose, makes me love this fabulous feline motif even more. I can’t see my wee boy dog Benji who has just had a bath and is all wrapped up in his plush leopard blanket, having anything negative to woof about, as he cuddles into his golden furry blanket in the likeness of the magnificent leopard!

There’s no doubt leopard print is a bold print but it’s also a fashion neutral due to it’s classic earthy hues, which makes it so easy to mix and match with other colors that will contrast or blend to suit. A favorite fashionista look is jeans with a red top, jacket and glamorous leopard print boots, flats or pumps, don’t forget that red lipstick), while a leopard skirt with a red top and tan colored shoes is stylish and fun! Red and leopard print make a formidable clothing combo with a leopard belt added to red pants for a sassy pop of pattern or a leopard print handbag to accessorize a red and black outfit is just purrfect!!

if you’re a classy girl and love wearing leopard print, the look you create will never be cheesy or trash, as you know instinctively that less is more and will add leopard print to a work, evening or casual outfit with a discerning eye. You also know the effect a splash of this power-packed pattern can have on a day or evening look, so if you’re off to a formal dinner where the criteria is black evening dress, but know you are going to feel washed out in this dark hue. Why not arrive as belle of the ball with an elegant leopard scarf or shawl draped over your shoulders? You can always take it off at the door but WOW what an entrance you’ll make!!!

You can dress up or down with leopard print and look simply stunning doing it with orange and turquoise, popular trendy colors that rock any outfit with leopard print accessories. These vivid colors have been seen looking pretty hot with leopard handbags, shoes, jewelry and scarves, setting a tone of fashion chic that looks hip at any age!








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