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Dress for absolute success with Leopard Print Accessories.

There is nothing like a beautiful Leopard handbag or scarf to turn a relatively plain look into something very special as Leopard Print is a classy pattern that can take a work or evening outfit from drab to FAB just with the addition of a Leopard coat, scarf or gloves.The golden, earthy colors will never overwhelm and heads will turn when you walk through the mall wearing a classy Leopard Print shirt with jeans.

Having said that the other day I saw an elegant woman possibly in her mid forties at the mall and she was wearing a chiffon, Leopard scarf against a fairly conservative suit, which some would think may not be the best clothing mix, but the smiles of approval from passers made it very clear her choice of leopard print had hit the mark.She looked glamorous but in a very elegant and refined way.

Be wildly adventurous with leopard print accessories from head to toe.


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