Leopard Flats For The On Trend Girl

If you haven’t got a pair of gorgeous leopard flats on standby in your bedroom closet your’e missing out on a fabulous look that turns any outfit into a fashionista star. I kid you not.. leopard flats with the fancy gold spotted motif come direct to you and I via the planetary leopard and a few fashion designers in between, aware of the huge fan base that follows this nature inspired pattern loved for it’s fab, feline appeal!

Leopard print is an acquired taste that gets under your skin and makes you reach for that leopard infinity scarf to drape around your neck knowing full well it’ll add excitement to a leggings or a jeans and t-shirt outfit. Although leopard print is guaranteed to make a statement, it is predominantly an earthy neutral, which coordinates perfectly with other neutrals while solid colors bounce off the leopard design adding interest to a corporate style suit, without detracting from an essential  professional stance. For those who have shied away from leopard print and blanked a highly versatile neutral to wardrobe oblivion, you might want to consider the fact that a designer leopard handbag, belt, or shoes can sincerely take an outfit to the next level in style and sophistication as patterns dance Ike a dream against plain garments, adding a touch of magic to the overall look!

A pop of leopard print adds drama and dimension to a multitude of colors and clothing styles bringing a sophisticated aura to some and a sense of casual fun to others. Flats are a comfy shoe and a favorite of mine for shopping while always looking good. I’m also a huge fan of animal print flats and know the power of their timeless, elegant look as I often wear a leopard print top with plain black pants and a pair of matching flats, which is not over the top, but very smart and awesome, enough to keep the local fashion police at bay.

If you’re off to the gym every day and need to do other things before or after a workout, a pair of leopard flats will add a little class and they’re easy enough to pack into our gym bag. The same goes for a day at the office when the lunch-break rolls around and you don’t want to wear your heels out to the local cafe. A pair of flats are compact enough to fit into the average size handbag, ready for when you need them. Leopard print is a strong pattern so you don’t need much and  that’s why leopard flats are the perfect accessory to a stylish, casual or elegant outfit, any season of the year!





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