Large, Luxurious Silk Leopard Print Scarf

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It’s time to step up your look with a new luxurious, silk leopard print scarf that is larger than most. Oh..and the design is something else!

if you’ve been waiting for a quality, leopard print scarf that is larger than the usual with a captivating design?….. Well here it is and looking simply beautiful with the fabulous leopard motif and an artistic illustration that is uniquely elegant!

The fabric is 100% silk, renowned for it’s super strength, hypoallergenic and breathable attributes as this natural material can keep you cool in the Summer months while retaining heat during Winter, with an exquisite luxurious quality, that just feels lovely to wear.

The overall size is a huge 43″ x 43″ and it comes in a fun choice of golden leopard with white, khaki, blue, pink or orange

Centuries ago, only the rich and regal could afford to wear silk but now you can feel the soft, natural allure of silk against your skin and once you have it’s highly possible nothing else will feel as nice. Wear this glamorous leopard print scarf out and expect to be constantly complimented as it really is a stunning “one of a kind,’ scarf, perfect for wrapping your hair while you sleep or making a grand statement at work, the mall or an elegant evening, dining out!

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