Glamorous Gray Leopard Print Pet Car Seat Cover

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Our much loved doggie, cat friends love to come with us in the car but too often leave a mass of hair on the back seat with claw marks and the odd accident if they get a little nervous on the trip.

The solution is a very cool waterproof, durable car seat cover designed specifically for our pet pals to have the best time without damaging the car and featuring a trendy leopard print look, also the perfect pattern for disguising pet hair. it’s so easy to install with the option to hang it like a hammock, connecting the adjustable straps to the back and front headrests or you can just buckle it up to the back headrests and let it hang to the floor.

No Fuss! Easy to Install Leopard Print Print, Pet Car Seat Cover!

This ingenious pet car seat cover fits most cars, medium size SUV’s, trucks, with slots in case you want to use the seat belts plus a silicone backing that stops the cover from moving around. You’ll love the snazzy gray, black leopard print motif and the fact it can be wiped clean, vacuumed to remove pet hair or machine washed, then left to dry naturally for the next time it’s needed.

The magic leopard print design will add a trendy pizazz to your car interior, while making the cleanup after a car trip with your adorable pet pal easier, leaving no damage!





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