Fun Fabulous Leopard Print

So many times fashion designers have purposely left leopard print out of their latest seasonal shows, trying to woo the public with the latest design trend and been forced to create a fabulous article with the look of leopard to appease fans. Leopard print it seems is one of those timeless patterns that is not to be denied and with good reason, as leopard print clothing, accessories and home decor are always on trend and beating up a path to success on the runways in Paris and Milan.

Leopard print is the gorgeous gold spotted motift of the wild leopard who makes his home in the mountains, grasslands a deserts of Africa, central Asia and as we love to draw upon natures exotic landscape the camouflage coat of the smallest big cat, has been a source of inspiration for stylish leopard print clothing, accessories and home decor. The popularity of leopard print scarves as a fabulous way to dress up a casual outfit or add a little leopard flair to a work suit and elegant, evening wear, is well recorded and you’ve probably seen many a celebrity wearing the iconic leopard print scarf on a shopping excursion with other celeb friends.

Leopard¬†print was clothing when man first walked the earth and completely glamorized by a “First lady” in the 60’s and various movie actresses from the 1920’s up to the present day who love the look and have inspired millions of fans worldwide to get in on the snazzy leopard print style!

With animal prints being earmarked as the new neutral, ¬†it’s no wonder we are seeing leopard paired with colorful ensembles as it’s no longer considered the “over the top” pattern it was once labelled and with it’s endearing, earthy tones, fits well with 21st century accessories and homes.

if your out for the night and want a flirty, vamp look, leopard print heels will definitely get you noticed, although a cool pair of denim jeans with stylish leopard boots will turn heads in a classy admiring way! Leopard print can be worn any way you want and with so many stunning accessories like handbags, luggage and jewelry they’ll be no stopping you from embracing your wild leopard side and living the leopard print dream!

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