Classic Leopard Skin 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

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Believe it or not dogs especially little ones get pretty tired if the walk goes on too long. I can vouch for this 100% as I have two small dogs who can’t always keep up when I am out and about. i love to take them with me and have found this unique pet stroller to be the ideal solution.

What’s even better is that it comes in my fav animal print and I am convinced my two little boys love their great looking Leopard Print stroller as much as I do!

it’s comfy as with a sun canopy that keeps those harsh rays off my little guys and has a large storage basket where I can put their leads and treats. It’s a solid construction with mesh windows so your pets can see what is going on and folds up easily when you want to put it in the car. I also want to mention that it has cup holders which is a real bonusĀ  as pushing pets around can be very thirsty work.

You’ll get heaps of compliments and your pets don;t have to be left at home.

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