Blue Leopard Print Carry On Travel Bag

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if your’e looking for a carry bag to take on the plane next time you fly, this blue leopard beauty will have the person at the check-in counter complimenting and asking where you got it!

if you are wondering whether this carry on bag meets the new airline requirements for size, the answer is yes in most airlines, so if you like the look of a bold leopard pattern in a turquoise style blue, you can feel reasonably confident that there will be no hold ups when you check-in and board the plane.

The size of this carry on bag is 20″ in height x 13″ in width.and made of polycarbonate plastic, renowned for it’s tough, strong qualities, ideal for travel bags. They use this material on bullet proof windows, which should give you an idea of how protected your belongings inside the carry bag will be. The bag is super light, weighing 6.5lbs, so you can pack it full without being charged extra at check in. The 360 degree wheels go in any direction you want and a solid telescoping handle with push button makes getting from the car into the airport a breeze. Inside the bag is a handy zip and elastic pocket for those important things you want easy access too.

An all round excellent little suitcase for the busy traveler who needs to know his or her possessions are safe and secure, while enjoying the look of this fashionable, leopard bag that will never go unnoticed where ever it goes!

For those of you wishing for a different colored leopard bag the great news is it comes in a standard golden leopard look with or without a dash of pink or an all over hot pink leopard print bag that really catches the eye. You’ll be spoilt for choice and looking pretty snazzy next time you travel by air.

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