Women’s Leopard, Long Sleeve Open Front Boyfriend Cardigan

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The first thing you might be asking is what on earth is a boyfriends cardigan?

The short answer is, it’s a cardigan that looks like you were pleasantly surprised to see your boyfriend had such great taste in clothing and grabbed it from his wardrobe to wear.

Hope that helps so we can get down to the business of talking about how dressy, this borrowed. over-sized style looks.on us girls .Pair it with jeans, a white or brown t-shirt and notice how your boyfriend turns his head when he sees your new, fabulous flirtatious look!

it was world famous, French fashion designer Coco Chanel who saw how women could take advantage of the male dress code and incorporate elements of it into their clothing look, that today is the norm as we wear pants, shirts and various fabrics that had been tagged not so long ago, in the men zone only.

The cardigan size ranges from XS (US2) through to L (US18), but remember it runs big when choosing your individual size.The fabric is a light-weight, stretchy blend of 95% polyester/5% spandex.while the color is a beige,coffee with the infamous leopard print pattern..it is also recommended you wash the cardigan inside out to keep it looking good.

This seems to be a popular look with celebrities when they are out shopping in Paris or New York, as they can dress really casual but still look like superstars with the addition of a leopard print cardigan with a super adorable look!.

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